Thursday, April 15, 2010

Atascadero Teaparty and a Conservative Candidate (or two)

  Not too bad a turnout today for an event that didn't even get off the ground til the first of the month. Bad news is there was less than half the number of people there as last year, good news is these folks are fired up! The crowd was between 500 and 700 people.

 I guess I will have to take some blame here, as I spent a lot of time with last year's organizers. This year I made the mistake of waiting to hear from them...But someone did step forward, and last Friday I and many of the people I spoke with did find out about this year's event.

 I spent a lot of time talking to folks in the audience asking them to support ChucK DeVore, passing out around a 100 flyers with his qualifications and his website address. Folks were very enthusiastic about the prospect of a truly Conservative candidate for our US senate seat. Many had heard of Chuck,and those who had not were quite receptive to his message! if you haven't already follow @chuckdevore on twitter and facebook!

  i also got to speak with another California Conservative candidate. Matt Kokkonen who is running for the 33rd Assembly District here in California. This is a man that gets it! Smaller government, lower taxes, and less Federal interference both with the states and in our lives. I hope you are lucky enough to find such candidates running in your districts. He is also very tech-savy! Before I had gotten home he'd updated his website with pictures from today's teaparty! He's new to twitter at @MattKokkonen and can be found on facebook as well.

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